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In each house or in every apartment there are rooms that are not used regularly - a party room, music room or a den. We are not often in these rooms, but if so, we would like that it will be quickly warm. Here the Duopanel has its strengths. It is a hybrid heating system that combines the properties of infrared and convection heating techniques and both advantages of this.

In addition to the pleasant infrared radiation, the integrated control system produces hot air for better heat distribution. Thus, you quickly feel even outside the radiation range of the infrared heating the heat. If the additional hot air is no longer needed because your desired temperature has been reached in the room, the control system continues only with the pleasant infrared radiation.

Your temperature in the room is kept uniform by the infrared radiation, but also enjoy the warmth outside the radiation range of infrared heating quickly.












Technische Daten

Surface ESG-Glass (Safety glass)
Glass type Structure
Frame Aluminium
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Supply voltage
U~ = 205 - 240 V
Radiation temperature
Variable between 0°C until 180°C electronically regulated
Control system
Integrated into heating system
Operating element and room thermostat
Safety temperature limiting
Over temperature guard
Remote receiver
433,92 MHz
Standby consumption
0,5 W
Protection IP20

Ceiling mounting,

wall mounting,

mounting with SUNNYHEAT wall mounting angle set,

mounting with SUNNYHEAT base


SUNNYHEAT Certifications


CREA SYSTEMS offers you certified quality!

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What are the strength of a SUNNYHEAT infrared heating?

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You ask questions, SUNNYHEAT answers...

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Discover the unique on SUNNYHEAT!

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A true Power-Duo!

Convection and infrared heating combined to form a heating system in one panel.

As with all SUNNYHEAT Infrared heater the installation is easy, put the plug in the socket and the heater heats! The control system regulates automatically the heating power when warm air is required. Of course you can also engage in the process and even determine the intensity of hot air. All that is possible with the controller and the control system of SUNNYHEAT - the ISTC.

Enough with the hot air, but rather only infrared? No problem! Decide for yourself how and in what proportion of both heaters you want to heat. Manual or fully automated!

A rapid heating and a pleasant, efficient heat characterize the Duopanel!



Models 60's series

The series with 60 cm width.

Article Format Glass color Frame Weight Max. power
220407 60 x 120 cm white  silver   about 15.6 kg 2000 W
220408 60 x 120 cm RAL  RAL about 15.6 kg 2000 W