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What's the difference between an infrared heater and a convection heater?

 Convection heater


A conventional heating system heats your home by heating the air.

The warm air rises and circulates. This process causes the room air to rotate and in doing so, distributes the heat. A side effect of this technology is the swirling of the air, which ultimately also leads to dust and pollen being blown around the room. Furthermore, considerable differences in temperature between the ceiling and floor can be measured.

Therefore, the heat cannot be evenly distributed throughout the room and it takes a long time until we feel the pleasant warmth on our bodies.


 Infrared heater

The particular characteristic about infrared heaters is that they do not heat the air but the room itself. This is because infrared heaters work according to the same principle as the sun. Let's go outside and take a look around - trees, meadows, animals, even we ourselves absorb heat.

It's the same in the room we want to heat, the walls, ceiling, furniture - they all absorb the heat from our infrared heaters and also slowly emit it again. This creates a pleasant, natural warmth, which we already know from the sun.

But that’s not all - the air humidity in your room also remains constant. Therefore, there is a considerably lower risk of mould or mildew formation and the room climate is particularly pleasant for those with allergies or asthma. And of course, for your plants as well.


Questions and answeres about SUNNYHEAT


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What makes the difference of SUNNYHEAT?

The difference lies in the control. A heater heats - but it is decisively how the heater does that. SUNNYHEAT can be regulated up to a radiation temperature of 180°C. Based of these reserve capacity you get in winter very cold rooms warm from the ground. On the other hand you do not heat out of the window, because the control automatically regulates the energy consumption down. So you can use the full heating power for cold rooms, but if the room reaches your desired temperature, only as much energy is automatically supplied as the room requires to maintain the temperature.


By the way... with every SUNNYHEAT panel you can decide the maximum radiation temperature exactly to degree and the maximum heat output percent accurate by yourself !