We and our products stand for quality and durability. High-quality workmanship is just as important to us as technical features. That's why you can find out here what is important to us and which quality seals we have been awarded.

CE mark

The CE mark means that this product complies with the safety directives of the EU. Every product sold on the European market must bear this mark. You can make the CE declaration yourself or have it made by an official testing agency. SUNNYHEAT has the CE mark and has been tested by a testing laboratory.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certifies the quality management of a company. This includes, for example, detailed documentation of developments and customer-oriented service management. Compliance with the standards is audited by an institute. CREA SYSTEMS is ISO 9001 certified.


Our SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters are not only popular in Europe, but also in Australia. In order for us to be allowed to market our SUNNYHEAT products there, this test mark is required. Both the product safety and the technical documentation are tested. SUNNYHEAT has been tested and is allowed to carry this mark.

Zertifizierungen - Made in Germany EN

Probably our most important quality feature.

All SUNNYHEAT products are developed and manufactured by us in our factories in Germany. This means that we have an influence on every single development step from the first drawing to the series product. We take care to source as many materials as possible from suppliers in our vicinity in order to save emissions on the one hand and to guarantee high quality on the other. High-quality materials form the basis of our quality management.


The precise and detailed workmanship is the next step on our way to a SUNNYHEAT infrared heater. Every infrared heater that leaves our production is checked and subjected to a function test. Before packing, all critical points are checked for workmanship. Every SUNNYHEAT leaves our factory freshly cleaned to arrive as a clean designer piece.


SUNNYHEAT stands for first-class materials, clean processing and German engineering to perfection.


We have had all product tests such as type and safety testing carried out by kiwa. Kiwa is a testing laboratory like TÜV or Nemko. The test for electrosmog was also carried out by kiwa. SUNNYHEAT was classified as low in electrosmog and meets all the regulations for a high-quality product.


All products on the European market must meet the requirements of the RoHs directives. This involves compliance with the limit values for certain substances in electrical parts, such as lead. Without the RoHs directives, the CE mark may not be used. SUNNYHEAT complies with the RoHs directives.

Ecodesign Directive

This directive regulates the economy of a product. For example, no heating system may be sold without a thermostat. We find this regulation very important. A thermostat has always been included with every SUNNYHEAT domestic heating system, as we have attached great importance to regulation. Meanwhile, a window sensor and motion sensor are also included. 

SUNNYHEAT products

Our products

SUNNYHEAT Ecodesign directive

Ecodesign directive


How SUNNYHEAT regulates

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