Glass type: picture

Glass type: picture

individual stylish personal

Hang your favorite memory simply as heating on the wall. Decorate your SUNNYHEAT infrared heating with a personal image from your photo library or choose from the SUNNYHEAT standard collection a fitting image for your home. Your infrared heater is an attractive designer furniture quickly.

Technical data

  • Surface: Picture (Safety glass)
  • Frame: Aluminium (optional)
  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Surface temperature: Variable between 0 and 95 °C
  • Control system: ECOcontrol
  • Operation: ECOcontrol, Alexa (optional)
  • Safety: Over temperature guard
  • Protection: IP20
  • Mounting: Ceiling mounting, wall mounting, mounting with SUNNYHEAT wall mounting angle, mounting with SUNNYHEAT base

Well regulated

The integrated, clever energy management is the great advantage of SUNNYHEAT. With the high power and high surface temperature you have a large capacity reserve in order to heat cooled rooms quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

However, thanks to the innovative concept you do not consume more energy than necessary! The SUNNYHEAT heating regulates its energy consumption automatically down if the room has reached your desired temperature and only needs to be kept on temperature.

SUNNYHEAT is the heating system with brains!

Format Surface Frame Power
60 x 60 cm Safety glass Aluminium / Frameless 0 until 1000 W (electronically regulated)
60 x 90 cm Safety glass Aluminium / Frameless 0 until 1500 W (electronically regulated)
60 x 120 cm Safety glass Aluminium / Frameless 0 until 2000 W (electronically regulated)
60 x 150 cm Safety glass Aluminium / Frameless 0 until 2500 W (electronically regulated)


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