Well controlled

Contrary to what you might think, SUNNYHEAT did not create the infrared heating first, but the control system.

Because optimal energy management is the cornerstone of every heating system. SUNNYHEAT is special in this respect, because it not only regulates the temperature in the room, but also the output. Both in combination enable precise temperature control with high energy saving potential.

SUNNYHEAT control technology is the interaction of power, temperature, control and sensors

Temperature control with hysteresis

Most thermostats on the market work with a hysteresis. This means that the setpoint temperature is exceeded by a certain temperature and then dropped below again. The heating heats at full power until the setpoint temperature has been exceeded by a hysteresis of 0.5 °C, for example. Then the heating switches off until the temperature falls below the setpoint by the hysteresis. Then heating is resumed until the setpoint temperature is exceeded by the hysteresis, and so on. The heating is continuously on at full power and the room temperature fluctuates by the hysteresis.

Temperature control with SUNNYHEAT

SUNNYHEAT's integrated control system regulates the temperature in combination with the heating power. This means that only as much power is used as the room needs. The control system approaches the setpoint temperature until the desired room temperature is reached and only uses as much heating power as is needed. The current temperature in the room is constantly monitored and the heating parameters are recalculated. The climate in the room thus remains even and energy is saved, as the heating does not overheat and does not cause the room to cool down. 


A room can only be heated quickly and efficiently with sufficient power. However, high output does not necessarily mean high electricity costs. SUNNYHEAT has a power control, which means that the power is adapted to the room. If the room only needs 20% of the available heating power to maintain the temperature, it is also only heated with 20%. The maximum heat output can be set via the ECOcontrol thermostat. Heating power for all cases, but used intelligently.


The control of the room climate is the most important component of the SUNNYHEAT control system. The SUNNYHEAT system repeatedly calculates the appropriate heating parameters in order to heat the room quickly and then maintain the temperature evenly. Temperature fluctuations are avoided as far as possible to guarantee a comfortable room climate and to minimise electricity costs.


SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters can reach a surface temperature of up to 180°C, and even higher in industrial environments. A high surface temperature is important for the heat distribution of the heater. The higher the surface temperature, the better the heating effect. However, SUNNYHEAT does not constantly heat at the maximum surface temperature. If the room does not require the full heat output, the surface temperature is regulated back. The maximum surface temperature can be set via the thermostat. Heat for all occasions, but used efficiently.


In order to regulate the temperature in a room correctly, you need to know what the current situation in the room is and how the room reacts to temperature changes. That is why SUNNYHEAT has integrated sensors, for example for the room temperature and for the surface temperature. However, there are other sensors that SUNNYHEAT offers, for example, a motion sensor is included with every living room heating system. With the sensors, SUNNYHEAT knows even more about the room and can regulate the climate optimally.

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