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The roots of SUNNYHEAT...

The brand SUNNYHEAT infrared heating exists since 2009, the manufacturer behind, the company CREA SYSTEMS since 1994. Before the first SUNNYHEAT infrared panel heater was built, there was the idea to control a heating system with radiant heat. Because here CREA SYSTEMS is at home - in control technology for home automation systems, sun protection, but also in the individual development.

Our many years of experience in the home automation and climate control of large projects and private buildings helped us to develop a unique energy concept, in which the control was primarily important to us. Finally, each heater can heat - however, an optimum control system with energy management is at the present time of energy-saving, green power and self-sufficient buildings more relevant than ever. We developed the control specifically for infrared heaters. Because unlike for example underfloor heating, an infrared heating quickly responses to climate changes in rooms. For example the incoming sun can change the room temperature. So the energy management will always automatically adapt to the current situations in the rooms - exact and automatic.


The difference of SUNNYHEAT...

The control system of SUNNYHEAT is the heart of this heating system. It was developed, conceived and manufactured from a single source of CREA CREA SYSTEMS in Germany. With the intelligent room thermostat ISTC is a fully automated energy management with the heater possible. The room thermostat ISTC is included with every SUNNYHEAT panel. You have in winter the possibility to heat also cooled rooms efficient because SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters can control up to a radiation temperature of up to 180°C. It means, the higher is the radiation temperature of a heater, the more effectively it works. The energy consumption remains balanced, because the SUNNYHEAT heating doesn't permanently heat with its full power, but rather autonomously adapts its energy consumption to the room and and the energy requirements, individually. That means, if your desired temperature for the room is reached, the room needs only energy to maintain the temperature - the SUNNYHEAT system reacts and regulates the energy consumption down.

So the controller also acts to external influences of your room. For example, the additional heat from sunlight or when temperatures drop at night massively - all is well regulated. Of course, you have influence on how it will be heated even with automated control. Almost every parameter of your SUNNYHEAT heating can be determined by you exactly, for example, the maximum radiation temperature or the heat output. With SUNNYHEAT you have a power reserve when you need them, but do not heat permanently with an unnecessarily high energy consumption!


Patented development

Because our controller and our energy solutions are so unique, we have let this officially patented. One for our Agricultural panel - on this concept we worked closely with the University of London. And for our living room panels, which stand for optimal energy efficiency and create a bridge between the desire for a better environment and a performance-based infrared technology, which points to regulate your energy consumption optimally.

SUNNYHEAT Manufacturer


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Advantages SUNNYHEAT


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The advantages of SUNNYHEAT at a glance!

  • Made in Germany
    We develop and produce our SUNNYHEAT product in Germany, only.
  • DIN ISO proofed
    Not only our infrared heating system, also the processes in our company are proofed from an official, independent institute.
  • 10 years warranty*
    We trust in our products - that's why we can give 10 years of warranty for our heating panels.
  • Safety glass
    We use only high quality safety glass for our panels.
  • Lead-free colors
    Our glasses are only made with lead-free colors.
  • High radiation temperature
    SUNNYHEAT can reach a radiation temperature up to 180°C. That's why we can heat that efficiently.
  • Precise control system
    The SUNNYHEAT control system heats very selective and fits the heating capacity automatically to your room.
  • Complete energy concept
    SUNNYHEAT is more than a infrared panel heater. You can always combinate your panel heater and ISTC with an window sensor or an PresenceControl.
  • Expandable
    You can expand your SUNNYHEAT system everytime you want with more components from the SUNNYHEAT family.
  • Transparent
    The ISTC shows you everytime you like the energy consumption of your heating panel.


*Electronic Parts and commercial use are excluded from the guarantee only applies to a 2-year warranty period. Detailed information and conditions of our warranty, please refer to our terms and conditions.


The control system integrated into the room thermostat ISTC allows you

  • Precise temperature control
    Our ISTC regulates heat control for you.
  • Convenient radio control system
    You can hang the ISTC on the wall or place it conveniently next to your recliner.
  • Minimal installation work
    Mount the ISTC onto the wall quickly and easily - the fixtures are already pre-assembled!
  • Mobile source of information
    Conveniently get information on your heating system right from your sofa
  • Adjustment to your daily routine
    You can activate heating whenever you like, even if you are not at home - thanks to our heating programmes!
  • Good overview
    Important information about the current status of your heating system is available at a glance.
  • Power consumption
    Keep tabs on the power consumption of your panel heaters by using the ISTC.