There are numerous applications where you do not want to miss out on a pleasant, comforting infrared heat - and exactly that is why there are so many different models of SUNNYHEAT infrared heating. For many applications SUNNYHEAT offers special heaters, that support you at many kinds of buildings. For example, for storage and industrial halls.Discover the product range of SUNNYHEAT, maybe you will also find the right SUNNYHEAT infrared heating for your case.

At home

The SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters were developed primarily for a warm home. Placed on the wall or ceiling, the SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters create a comfortable climate in your home.


The SUNNYHEAT infrared heating system is custom-made for your office, quickly installed, energy-efficient and can be used where it is needed. On the wall or ceiling and upon request with a stand (flexible locations without mounting). The stands can of course be purchased through SUNNYHEAT.


Ideal for your Hot Yoga training are the SUNNYHEAT heating panels. For hot yoga a temperature of 30 ° C - 40 ° C is required on the ground. This temperature allows the SUNNYHEAT infrared heating by its high radiation temperature. For Hot Yoga, the radiant heat is optimal because not primarily the air is heated, but just the floor, the walls and your own body.

Holiday home/Camping

We all want to experience the most pleasant time of the year and if possible not miss the pleasant warmth of the day. If you have the SUNNYHEAT infrared heater, you are flexible. Whether under an awning, in your conservatory, holiday home or motorhome, a power outlet and an extension cord are all you need. The use of this high-tech heating system distinguishes you as a modern host - with the SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters.


SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters can be used to harmonise body and soul. Although you cannot see the infrared heat waves, you can most certainly feel them. This extremely pleasant warmth gives you the feeling like you are lying in the sun of a wonderful spring day.


A SUNNYHEAT infrared heating system installed on the ceiling is a selective temperature transmitter with the desired heat for the workplace in an operating theatre. Contrary to normal heating systems (convection heating systems), the circulation of bacteria and dust is merely minimal or even totally eliminated with the infrared heater from Sunnyheat. This eliminates the risk for persons with allergies. The same applies to children’s wards and intensive care units.


The same amount of heat is not required in the different areas of production and assembly halls and warehousing facilities. It is usually sufficient to concentrate on a comfortable working temperature at specific locations, e.g. above the cutting table, at the lathe, milling machine, the punching table and in the break rooms. Conventional hot air blowers require a significant amount of energy, since the heated air quickly cools off again on its way through the ceiling ducts. An additional "heat intensity loss due to scattering" also arises at the delivery ports. The SUNNYHEAT infrared heater on the other hand, can be directly used where it is needed. Furthermore, the heat loss is considerably lower because the infrared radiation heats the surrounding solid matter - your furniture, walls, ceilings and your own body. If a work station is relocated, the infrared heating system can be taken along without any problems.

Wholesale and retail trade

For the passersby it is surely nice to warm up briefly in the hot air emitted from the entrance air blowers during cold seasons. If anything, the owners of shoe stores, clothing stores, jewellery stores, perfume stores, etc. grudgingly accept their energy costs being literally blown out the window. The suitable SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters installed in the right place precisely heat those areas in a pleasant manner, which make a difference. Near the customers and the items for sale. Furnished with elegant motifs, they blend into the rest of the room’s decorations.

Livestock breeding/Agriculture

In riding stables, the SUNNYHEAT infrared heater is not only a heating system but also an excellent supplement as a solarium for your precious riding horses. This infrared heater can be significantly beneficial for the animals and operators in agricultural poultry farming. Of course this also applies to pig and cattle breeding! No dust circulation, even distribution of heat, also ideal for keeping young animals warm. There is no reason to heat the entire stable or compound because the infrared heater can be used economically and specifically! Regarding livestock breeding, please take a look at our SUNNYHEAT Agricultural panel.

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