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Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga is a special kind of yoga, in which the temperature must be at the bottom 30 °C until 40 °C. That is to relax the muscles and make the workout more effective. In this case helps the HotYoga panel of SUNNYHEAT. It is usually mounted on the ceiling and shines down on the yoga places. Thanks to the high radiant temperature you have enough capacity to produce the temperature on the ground effectively.


In addition, you have the option of using the SUNNYHEAT Software DailyPlan to create an individual heating schedule, which allows you to determine when and how many degrees is heated. Even your ventilation system can be controlled with an additional interface of SUNNYHEAT and the DailyPlan software, so the ventilation system cools the room down after the workout automatically.


Heat efficiently and specifically for your workout!












Technical data

Surface ESG-Glass (Safety glass)
Glass type
Frame Aluminium
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Supply voltage
U~ = 205 - 240 V
Radiation temperature
Variable between 0°C until 215°C electronically regulated      
Control system
Integrated into heating system
Operation element with room thermostat
Safety temperature limiting
Over temperature guard
Remote receiver
433,92 MHz
Standby consumption
0,5 W
Protection IP20

Ceiling mounting,

mounting with SUNNYHEAT wall mounting angle set,

mounting with SUNNYHEAT base

SUNNYHEAT Certifications


CREA SYSTEMS offers you certified quality!

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The HotYoga panel brings you into a sweat!

As a reliable source of heat for your yoga studio the SUNNYHEAT HotYoga panel supports your training session. A comfortable operation is possible on the one hand via the operating element ISTC and the other, on the SUNNYHEAT Software DailyPlan. Create your own personal heating schedule for your workouts.

A high radiant temperature is just as important as an easy operation and an intelligent control system for the optimal heating of your studio. Regulate for example, your heating or radiant temperature percent accurate up or down in order to heat cool down.

So you can combine your workout intensity and the heat always ideal and achieve an effective workout!




Models 60's series

The series with 60 cm width.

Article Format Glass color
Frame Weight Max. Power
2201100 60 x 120 cm white silver   about 15.6 kg 2000 W