SUNNYHEATconnect is an app for Android and iOS. It is used to control SUNNYHEAT via the WLAN or to provide the data for Alexa. SUNNYHEATconnect was developed by us especially for SUNNYHEAT and has lots of interesting features.

 SUNNYHEAT Netzwerksuche


  • Automatic heater search
  • Cloud storage for Alexa
  • Display of sensors
  • Display of actual temperature
  • Naming the heater
  • Changing the setpoint temperature
  • Switching the lighting
  • DailyPlan


The heating plan for the whole year


You can specify for each time in each calendar week on each day of the week to which setpoint temperature SUNNYHEAT should heat and whether the lighting should be on or off at the same time. Particularly practical: A standard calendar week can be created that automatically applies to every calendar week that has not been configured. DailyPlan is integrated into SUNNYHEATconnect and is stored on the infrared heaters. You do not need an additional device.

This is heating comfort at its best.

Where can I get SUNNYHEATconnect?


SUNNYHEATconnect is available for Android and iOS. You can find the software in the respective app stores. Simply click on the appropriate image.

Get it on Google Play

  Download on the App Store

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