The SUNNYHEAT product line includes a diverse range of heating in different designs. You want to know your heater as a silent companion who is hardly noticeable on the wall or ceiling, but donates cozy warmth? Or should your heating polarize and attract everyone's attention by making reliably heated, but on the other hand is also a designer piece of furniture for you?

SUNNYHEAT offers numerous combinations of glass type, color, frame and format! Take a look at our product range, there is much to discover!


Residential heaters

Customized for your home.


Industry heaters

A strong partner for your business.


Animal heater

For animal welfare


HotSports heater

A heating will take you to sweat.


Duo heater

The combinatioin makes it.


Grid ceiling heater

Developed for grid ceilings.



Create your individual heating system.



The comfort control

A heating system full of possibilities

All SUNNYHEAT products are developed and manufactured from a single source. That is why every SUNNYHEAT product is coordinated with each other. From the simple towel rail to the sensors, every detail is integrated into the system.

This does not only apply to the components. Every module is networked with each other, so that SUNNYHEAT is a small Smart Home System. For example, the heating knows when the window is open or someone is in the room and reacts with a lower setpoint temperature. You can configure everything or not - just as you like.

Comfort control via Alexa is also possible. Many functions, but very easy to operate. That is our claim.


Smart Home

Everything well networked

Discover the variety

SUNNYHEAT is more than just an infrared heater - SUNNYHEAT is an intelligent heating system with lots of features and design options.

You have a free choice of different formats, glass types and colours. Equip the SUNNYHEAT heating with atmospheric lighting or use an outdoor temperature sensor for even more economical heating.

You can find our complete product range in our catalogue.

Quality that can be seen

Since 2009, all SUNNYHEAT products have been developed and manufactured in the CREA SYSTEMS factories. Innovative technology and an appealing design have always been important to us. Most important to us is the quality of our products. Effective, automatic temperature control, power control with high energy-saving potential and high-quality workmanship are our quality features.

We attach great importance to the fact that every surface of the SUNNYHEAT infrared heater is made of glass. Glass is robust and noble. In contrast to sheet metal, it retains its shape and colour even when exposed to great heat and is therefore considered extremely durable. For our picture heaters, we attach great importance to printing with water-based inks in order to protect the environment.

To ensure a high safety standard, we have had our infrared heaters tested by the laboratories of TÜV and KIWA. In addition, we are DIN ISO 2009 certified, which means that our internal processes are also regularly audited.

SUNNYHEAT - Made and produced in Germany


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