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The SUNNYHEAT product line includes a diverse range of panels in different designs.

You want to know your heater as a silent companion who is hardly noticeable on the wall or ceiling, but donates cozy warmth?
Or should your heating polarize and attract everyone's attention by making reliably heated, but on the other hand is also a designer piece of furniture for you?

SUNNYHEAT offers numerous combinations of glass type, color, frame and format! Take a look at our product range, there is much to discover!

Living room panel

...customized for your home!

Designed for living rooms create our living room panels by their high surface temperature and the intelligent control system of SUNNYHEAT a cozy, harmonious atmosphere.

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Industry panel

...a strong partner for your business!

Conceived and produced for warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities, the powerful Industry panel is ready for your business.

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Agricultural panel

...for the humane treatment of animal breeding!

Not only people perceive the sun-like heat as beneficial. Even in the animal kingdom, the infrared heat is perceived as natural.

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HotYoga panel

...a panel will take you to sweat!

In gyms and yoga centers the SUNNYHEAT HotYoga panel is the perfect partner for your intensive yoga workout.

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...the combination makes it!

Wherever you want to feel the warmth immediately the SUNNYHEAT Duopaneel is the right partner for you.

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Grid ceiling panel

...developed for grid ceilings!

With this panel you can easily install a heater in a grid ceiling.

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...create your individual heating system!

With numerous accessories, you can enhance the energy saving potential of your heating system.

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...the icing on the cake for your heating system!

The SUNNYHEAT software products make a simple operation of your SUNNYHEAT panels on your PC possible.

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