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Around the SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters there are practical accessories with which you can expand SUNNYHEAT to an effective energy concept. Choose between various sensors that help you save energy and other types of fastening - the selection is versatile.

The accessories can be retrofitted at any time. You do not have to decide when buying an infrared heater if you want to purchase a product from the SUNNYHEAT accessories, but you can calmly consider whether and what accessories would be interesting for you. Of course you can combine the accessories and for example, choose a panel with backlight and a SUNNYHEAT base. The possibilities are varied. Request your local dealer for a demonstration.


...the clever room thermostat!

The ISTC is the heart of the SUNNYHEAT product family - control system, operation element and thermostat in one.


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Window contact

...don't heat out of the window!

Ventilate anytime carefree with the SUNNYHEAT radio signal window contact.


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...heating only when you are at home!

The motion sensor PresenceControl provides a flexible heating performance.


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Temperature sensor

...heat with precision!

Especially in large halls or open-plan offices allow you the external temperature sensors, a targeted heating.

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Remote interface

...for a comfortable operation!

With the SUNNYHEAT Remote interface you control your panels easily via pc.

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...a panel plays to the gallery!

Choose between direct light and a subtle backlight.


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...flexible and stylish!

Position your SUNNYHEAT panels without annoying drill holes.


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Wall mounting angle

...for an optimal installation!

In rooms where the fastening is difficult the SUNNYHEAT wall mounting angle is used.


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Towel rail

...practical and in many bathrooms at home!

Allow to dry your towels comfortable with the SUNNYHEAT towel rail.


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