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The Industry panel has been specially developed for use in companies with industrial environment. It is in storage and production halls at home and heats selectively your workplaces, but also stock goods. In large halls, it is often not necessary to heat the entire room to a desired temperature, but only certain areas. For example, where employees work or goods are stored.


Production halls and warehouses are usually poorer isolated compared to homes and the halls cool down faster. That is why the Industry panel with a radiation temperature of 215 ° C is particularly powerful! Optionally, you can also use an external temperature sensor of SUNNYHEAT to narrow exactly where do you want to have your desired temperature.


And one more advantage! If the workplaces change the SUNNYHEAT infrared heater goes where the workplaces go - easily and without problems! Of course, the SUNNYHEAT control system is also integrated in the Industry panel and automates the energy management. If the full power is not needed anymore to heat the hall up,  then SUNNYHEAT reduces the energy consumption!












Technical data

Surface ESG-Glass (Safety glass)
Glass type
Frame Aluminium
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Supply voltage
U~ = 205 - 240 V
Radiation temperature
Variable between 0°C until 215°C electronically regulated         
Control system
Integrated into heating system
Operation element and room thermostat
Safety temperature limiting
Over temperature guard
Remote receiver
433,92 MHz
Standby consumption
0,5 W
Protection IP20

Ceiling mounting,

wall mounting,

mounting with SUNNYHEAT wall mounting angle set,

mounting with SUNNYHEAT base

SUNNYHEAT Certifications


CREA SYSTEMS offers you certified quality!

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Advantages infrared heating


What are the strength of a SUNNYHEAT infrared heating?

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You ask questions, SUNNYHEAT answers...

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Discover the unique on SUNNYHEAT!

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Optimized, punctual heating!

No industrial hall is like the other - there are differences in size, isolation and especially in the way the halls will be used. Depending on that, you find out the areas that have to be heated in order to guarantee a motivated work of your employees or the optimal storage of goods.


That is why a clever energy concept and an in-depth counseling is particularly important! SUNNYHEAT means not only heating, you can use various sensors from the SUNNYHEAT series, such as the PresenceControl, to ensure that unnecessary energy consumption is avoided.


Punctual heating in a large production or warehouse means targeted heating and warmth where warmth is really required!



Models 60's series

The series with 60 cm width.

Article Format Glass color
Frame Weight Max. Power
2201100 60 x 120 cm black black  about 15.6 kg 3300 W