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We offer you innovative software products for our SUNNYHEAT infrared heating systems!

Enjoy the comfort to manage all your SUNNYHEAT infrared heating from your couch on a PC or a touch screen. Sit back and enjoy the pleasant feel-good warmth and the simple operating concept of SUNNYHEAT.

A clearly structured user interface distinguishes our software products. Control your SUNNYHEAT heating panels centrally through a single control computer and keep everything in sight!

The system requirements for SUNNYHEAT software products can be found in the service area.

PanelControl - the software for all  cases!

Your SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters to control from a central point via a convenient user-friendly interface - that's what SUNNYHEAT PanelControl offers.

Design easily and quickly heating programs that you provide to your SUNNYHEAT heating panels. Make at all SUNNYHEAT heaters absence during a vacation or simply ask only current values about your current heating performance. Look at the information that is important to you right at a glance.

With SUNNYHEAT PanelControl, you can view statistics about your SUNNYHEAT heating panels and calculate the consumption, so you can observe your heating capacity every time.


DailyPlan - Heating on schedule!

SUNNYHEAT DailyPlan is the optimal solution for an energy saving daily routine - perfectyl tailored to your habits.

DailyPlan is flexible and individual. The Software is finding its use if you want to plan your daily routine exactly and if you want to control your SUNNYHEAT panel heaters fast and easy. SUNNYHEAT DailyPlan helps you to create your personally heating schedule. Plan your individual daily routine and heat as efficiently as possible.

Create your personal heating schedule. Build different temperature profiles consisting of a temperature and a start time. So you can control your SUNNYHEAT panel heaters as you like - clear and simple on your PC. DailyPlan controls your temperature profiles by your wished start time. So you can extend your heating schedule any time you like!

DailyPlan is also available as HotYoga Edition, so you will be able to control your ventilation system automated with an interface!

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DailyPlan HotYoga Edition