Grid ceiling heater

Grid ceiling heater

Practical in the office

The grid ceiling heating is intended for the installation of a SUNNYHEAT infrared heater in a grid ceiling. In contrast to normal infrared heating, grid ceiling heating has a special frame for the grid ceiling dimensions. Thus, the grid ceiling heating can be easily inserted into a grid ceiling.

Technical data

  • Surface: Matt, Structure (Safety glass)
  • Frame: Frameless
  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Surface temperature: Variable between 0 and 180 °C
  • Control system: ECOcontrol
  • Operation: ECOcontrol, Alexa (optional)
  • Safety: Over temperature guard
  • Protection: IP20
  • Mounting: Mounting in a grid ceiling

Precisely fitting and space-saving

The grid ceiling heating blends inconspicuously into the grid ceiling of every office. By mounting in the grid ceiling, the walls for office cabinets or tables remain free. The grid ceiling heating can be installed exactly above the workstations, so they heat efficiently and exactly where heat is actually needed.

Article Format Glass Max. power
220477 62 x 62 cm Structure white 1000 W
220478 62 x 62 cm Mat white 1000 W
220479 59 x 59 cm Structure white 1000 W
220480 59 x 59 cm Mat white 1000 W
220483 62 x 122 cm Struktur white 2000 W
220484 62 x 122 cm Mat white 2000 W
220485 59 x 119 cm Structure white 2000 W
220486 59 x 119 cm Mat white 2000 W
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