The allrounder

The allrounder

Cosy at home and in the office

The heater with the sun in its name.

Winter has just ended. It is spring. The first rays of sunlight hit your skin. The air is still raw and cold, but in the sun you feel warm and safe. It is a very pleasant, natural warmth. Enjoy this feeling of warmth at home now - with the pleasant infrared heat from SUNNYHEAT.

That's why we have the sun in our name.



The sun in the name

The residential heater is the classic all-rounder from SUNNYHEAT. At home, in the company, in hotels or even when camping, they make you cosy and warm and ensure a comfortable room climate.

The integrated control technology, the Smart Home System, as well as the optional control via Alexa make the SUNNYHEAT residential heating an effective energy concept and a comfortable heating system.

Here, technology meets attractive design with numerous design options. Start with the choice of glass and determine every detail of the heating system via the frame, colour scheme, format and lighting. Make the SUNNYHEAT infrared heating YOUR heating system.


Glass type: Structure

Reflections provide for an interesting effect.


Glass type: Diamond

Elegance in its purest form.


Glass type: Matt

For a modern style.


Glass type: Mirror

Practical benefits and warmth source.


Glass type: Picture

Anytime a real eye-catcher.

We are in!

A SUNNYHEAT residential heater is not just an infrared heater - SUNNYHEAT is a complete heating system with intelligent technology and Smart Home function.

That is why every residential heater has an integrated control system, the ECOcontrol thermostat, sensors and lots of other features included.

Click on the pictures to find out more.




Window sensor




Motion sensor

Attractive design and high-quality workmanship

SUNNYHEAT residential heaters are available in many different attractive designs. Your own photos, desired colours or matching glass - there are (almost) no limits to your imagination. Furthermore, we only use high-quality and, if possible, regional materials. All SUNNYHEAT components are developed, designed and produced in Germany. We manufacture everything from a single source, thus guaranteeing consistently high quality and a precisely processed product.

We are convinced of our quality, which is why we give a 10-year guarantee on our residential heaters and 2 years on electronic parts.

 Made in Germany


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