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The SUNNYHEAT living room panel heats your rooms precisely and evenly because of the integrated intelligent control system. It heats at full strength, until your desired temperature is reached, after which it takes its energy consumption back autonomously. Only so much energy is delivered to the room, as is required for maintaining the temperature. Living room panels can achieve a radiation temperature of up to 180 C, so you can warm even on very cold winter days a negotiated cooled room evenly and efficiently. The control system then ensures that the radiation temperature and the power consumption can be down-regulated when the full power of the panel is no longer needed. So you have on one hand reserve capacity for particularly cold days, but on the other hand, no increased energy consumption.


ISTC is the instrument with which all this is possible! Each living room panel has an ISTC included, which will serve as a room thermostat and control panel. With it, you can comfortably use your infrared heater via radio and change almost all heating parameters to customize your heating system as you like. You can always see the current heating power or energy consumption. This means, in spite of automated control, you always have control of your heating system!


SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters are reduced not only on their technical action and practicality. They offer a variety of individual design options. Select the type of glass, the glass color, size up to the frame and the frame color -  everything according to your taste.

Glass type: Structure

...Reflections provide for an interesting effect!

Our structured glass blends discreetly into any living situation. Whether in your stairwell, living room, office or bedroom; structured glass is suitable for all types of surroundings and provides interesting light reflections because of its coarse surface.

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Glass type: Diamond

...Elegance in its purest form!

Our diamond glass sets a stylish tone. Cleverly positioned, it provides your room with elegance and brilliance. It is distinguished by its smooth, shiny surface. For example, choose our diamond white glass combined with a white frame.
The SUNNYHEAT panel heater will give your room a brighter and friendlier touch!

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Glass type: Matt

...for a modern style!

This matt-finished glass is particularly suitable for a modern, subtle design. As the most neutral in our collection of qualities, it is suitable for any of your walls irrespective of your individual style of interior design - perfect for any taste! However, with a cleverly chosen frame and lighting system, you can turn this subtle design into a true eye-catcher for yourself and your guests.

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Glass type: Mirror

...practical benefits and warmth source!

Use your SUNNYHEAT infrared heater as a mirror, e.g. in the bathroom or bedroom - no problem! Combine our panel heater with our lighting and in doing so, unite stylish design with practical use. A mirror is needed in virtually every household; so why not use it as a source of heat as well? No more tarnished mirrors in the bathroom with our SUNNYHEAT panel heater with a mirrored surface.

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Glass type: Motive

...anytime a real eye-catcher!

Hang your favorite memory simply as heating on the wall. Decorate your SUNNYHEAT panel with a personal image from your photo library or choose from the SUNNYHEAT Standard collection a fitting image for your home. Your infrared heater is an attractive designer furniture quickly.

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