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Often a room has been generously crammed with furniture or you need the space for other things. A good example is a café. The free space is required for seating and tables and therefore is not available for the installation of an infrared heating.

Here is particularly the wall mounting angle from SUNNYHEAT well suited. It makes use of the space that is usually not covered by tables, chairs or pictures - the corner between the ceiling and wall.

Wall mounting angle - use every angle!

Due to the slightly tilted 45 ° mount of the wall mounting angle, the panel can be optimally radiate into the room and the heat comes up where it is needed. The wall mounting angle is frontally beyond the panel, so that you cannot see it so easily if you look at the front of the panel. It is recommended for all SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters with a width of 30 cm. Thanks to the narrow section of the heating panels that this type of mounting is compact and yet effective.

With the wall mounting angle you sometimes use some angles in your room, which were not used until then, but free from furniture.

Models Wall mounting angle

Article Name Format Color
221011 Wall mounting angle 45° about 12.9 cm x 13.0 cm x 4.3 cm aluminium