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Approximately 75 percent of the energy costs in a household consumes for heating the house. In order to save as much energy, you should heat as efficient as possible, taking care to avoid energy losses, for example through open windows.

Regular ventilation is important because the risk of mold decreases and an air exchange is also good for our health. That's why you cannot do without a good air circulation around even in winter in freezing conditions. Exactly for this application, we have developed our SUNNYHEAT radio signal window contact.


Radio signal window contact - for an energy-efficient ventilation!

Install the window contacts in the rooms with your SUNNYHEAT heating panel. Once a window is opened, the window sensor reports the ISTC that a window is open and the ISTC controls the heat for you down. With the setback temperature, which is to be activated when a window has been opened, you can define on your ISTC as desired.

You don't need to worry anymore, if you forgot to close the bathroom window after showering - or the window in the bedroom in the morning after ventilating. Our SUNNYHEAT radio signal window contact regulates it for you!

Incidentally, the radio signal window contact is also suitable for doors, for example, for patio doors or other doors to the outside.


Models Radio signal window contact

Article Name Format Color
221021 Radio Signal window contact about 9.0 cm x 10.7 cm x 3.0 cm white