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With the SUNNYHEAT PresenceControl you heat safely and efficiently - and only when heating power is really needed!

Wherever saving energy is a top priority, the PresenceControl finds its use! Whether office, party room, bedroom or gallery, the PresenceControl allows you an automated and efficient heating comfort. It scans your room onto movements, so it is important that the PresenceControl is fitted with a clear view into the room on the ceiling or wall.


PresenceControl - gives off heat when heat is required!

It will perceive when you are in the room and when not, accordingly, the heat output is regulated, so that you heat in energy-saving and safe. However, the PresenceControl is not only in the private sector in action, even in camp school or pensions it is a practical aid. It provides warmth, when the guest stays in the room - no unnecessary energy-loss by heating empty rooms anymore!


Modelle PresenceControl

Article Name Format Color
221023 PresenceControl about 9,5 cm x 11,0 cm x 3,0 cm white