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Optimized for large warehouses, large offices and open spaces offers our external temperature sensor a targeted efficiency at your desired destination.

Often in open spaces and large industrial halls, the heat is not needed anywhere in the room, but only occasionally required. Examples are at the various production stations in a hall, at various workplaces in an open plan office or individual areas in a car centre. Here our SUNNYHEAT temperature sensors are used!

The external temperature sensor is connected with a cable with your ISTC and is, for example, attached to the ceiling above the place to be heated.

External temperature sensor - punctual heating redefined!

The external temperature sensor provides an accurate temperature measurement also beyond the reach of your room thermostat ISTC. The temperature sensor is connected to a 5 m long cable with the ISTC, so you are very flexible in installation and use.

Punctually, it performs a temperature measurement in a certain place and communicates with the SUNNYHEAT heating panel. A targeted heating is now possible without any problems!


External temperature sensor with laser aiming device - Precision to perfection!

This external temperature sensor is equipped with an additional laser aiming device. With a laser pointer you set the target point at which the ISTC has to measure the temperature. Laser aiming device and temperature sensor are connected to a 5 m cable with the ISTC.

The external temperature sensor with laser aiming device helps you precisely when choosing your desired location that you want to heat. The SUNNYHEAT heating panel then heats until the target has reached your desired temperature.


Models External temperature sensors

Article Name Format Color
221025 External temperature sensor about 9.0 cm x 10.7 cm x 3.0 cm grey 
221026 External temperature sensor with laser aiming device about 9.0 cm x 10.7 cm x 3.0 cm grey