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Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited. Albert Einstein

this quote from Albert Einstein is also essential to us, because only when you try new things and go unknown paths instead of only doing what you already can, you will find exceptional solutions and new experiences.

We are committed to research and development. To develop a very optimized and suited control is our goal. A good example of this is our SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters. It is necessary to have enough energy available to heat also properly cooled rooms efficiently, but then find a way to regulate this energy optimally, so that the energy is actually used only when it is actually needed. This bridge between high performance and a sophisticated energy management is the challenge we want to face and what drives us.

We think that we succeed with our SUNNYHEAT heating system and continually optimize our products so that we can offer you the best possible solution.

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Working together is the foundation!

Whether internally as a team or with our customers, a good and trustful cooperation is very valuable to us.

Only when you know each other's situation, you can develop targeted solutions with which are all satisfied. We are a family company that attaches great importance to internal teamwork, finally you can only develop something good when everyone can contribute his ideas and experiences.



Never stand still

Also this is one of our guiding principles. We continuously invest in the new and further development of our products, so we can offer you a high quality product range. Due to the large influence that we have because of the in-house development of our products, we understand the individual interaction of our systems very well and can therefore respond quickly to new ideas.

No matter whether it is technology or experience, everything is evolving further, therefore a steady development process is very important to us.