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You ask a question, SUNNYHEAT answers. CREA SYSTEMS, producer of SUNNYHEAT is available to discuss and answer the most frequently asked questions here. To see the answer to a question, simply click on the relevant question.


General questions

What's so special about the infrared heating systems SUNNYHEAT?

The control technology. Having a high energy power available when it is needed, but at the same time consume as little energy as possible is the secret of SUNNYHEAT. That is why the heating system controls your heating autonomously down when the room requires no longer the full energy, for example when the room must be kept only on temperature.


Why do you only use safety glass as a surface for SUNNYHEAT panels and no sheet metal?

Sheet metal expands when it is heated and withdraws back when it cools down. Over time, this may cause an unsightly bulge on your panel. We want to avoid that. Exactly this expansion may peel or crack the coating of the sheet metal. We use only safety glass for reasons of sustainability. That is why we build the surface with glass.


How long do you give guarantee on the SUNNYHEAT heating panels?

We offer a 10 year guarantee on our SUNNYHEAT heating panels. On electronic parts and industrial use we offer 2 year ensure.


Why does the SUNNYHEAT infrared heating system work with high radiation temperatures?

In order to have a reserve capacity for particularly cold days and cooled rooms. A very good example is the hob. If you turn this on level 1 and hold the hand in a 20 cm distance above it, you will notice only a little heat. Even if you turn on a second hot plate, you will not notice any big heat difference. Only when you turn the one hotplate to level 2, you will feel a noticeable difference. The same effect also applies for an infrared heating. The SUNNYHEAT panel heats not continuous with a high radiant temperature. If the high temperature is no longer needed, because your room is heated and only needs to be kept at temperature, the radiation temperature is reduced. You can also limit the maximum radiation temperature with the ISTC Profi yourself to a required temperature.


The living room panels can have a max. radiation temperature of 180°C. Is there an increased risk of burns?

No. If you touch the glass surface of the panel with your hand, the glass applies the temperature of your skin and cools down for a moment. That's enough time for you, to remove your hand from the glass. It would be different by an infrared heater with sheet surface. Here you would stick with your skin on the sheet metal because of the heat. You also have the option to limit the maximum radiation temperature manually, so you can set your desired maximum radiation temperature. When you activate the child lock of the ISTC Profi, the radiation temperature is limited by pushing a button to 60°C.


Why does the SUNNYHEAT heaters have no TÜV certificate?

The SUNNYHEAT panels were also tested in laboratories, but not by TÜV, by Nemko. Nemko performs the same tests as the TÜV, but Nemko operates internationally. This had the advantage that we could let make country-specific tests, such as our examination for Australia. That is why we have decided to make the certification in the Nemko laboratories.


Why do you not offer prices from SUNNYHEAT on this website?

We don't sale our SUNNYHEAT product line directly to end customers. To guarantee an optimal service and advice we sell only via our competent SUNNYHEAT specialist partners. Therefore please understand that we can't public the prices of our SUNNYHEAT products. Please feel free to ask our specialist partners - they can make an offer together with you. Some of our specialist partners also offer you a price with additional services included, such as the inspection and on-site consultation or the installation of our infrared heaters. Ask our specialist partners for more information.


I want to by a SUNNYHEAT infrared heater, how is the procedure?

We don't run direct sales of our SUNNYHEAT products but sell exclusively through the SUNNYHEAT specialist partners. You can find our specialist partners with contact details on our specialist partner map under the menu Contact. Here you can choose a professional partner in your area. Our specialist partners will make you an offer without obligation.


How long is the average delivery time of SUNNYHEAT heaters?

That depends on the design of the SUNNYHEAT panels. The most ordered panels are in stock, here is the average delivery time up to one week. By panels which are excluded from our stock production, we have an average delivery time of one to two weeks. If you choose an infrared heater which is made especially for you, for example, with motive or in a specific RAL color, the average delivery time can be up to four weeks.
These figures are our average delivery times, for accurate information consult your SUNNYHEAT specialist partner.


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Questions about the SUNNYHEAT heating panel

I want to purchase a SUNNYHEAT heating panel, do I need an additional device?

No, our SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters basically include an operating element and thermostat, the ISTC. Optionally you can purchase accessories for your heater, which allow you to complete your heating system. However, this is not a requirement that the heating panel is functional.


Can I use every digital image for a SUNNYHEAT panel with individual motive?

You should select an image with a resolution of at least 300 dpi for ideal results. Please take into account that your image does not remain as small as you see it on your screen but is usually enlarged to a great extent. In order to get an image with radiant colors with which you and we are completely satisfied and which you enjoy looking at, we recommend you adhere to the above mentioned minimum resolution.


Where is the best place to position my SUNNYHEAT heating panel?

Generally, you can hang your SUNNYHEAT heating panel anywhere in your room however, in order to heat your room as quickly and efficiently as possible, you should pay attention to the following. Imagine your infrared heater as if it were the sun; you are standing in a meadow and can immediately feel the warmth of the sunlight! However, if you are standing underneath a tree, where you only get to feel individual rays of sunshine and it takes longer until you feel their warmth. That means, in order to heat your room efficiently, you need to position your heating panel as freely as possible in the room. The upper area of the wall is particularly ideal, given that the radiant heat can access all parts of the room. You must then make sure that your panel is hung at eye-level and that there is no direct obstacle in front of your infrared heater. You can compare this to sitting underneath a sunshade. The sun’s rays are not able to reach you as quickly with the sunshade between you and the sun. You can also install your panel heater on the ceiling or at the upper edge of your room with our mounting angle. Infrared heaters are often installed below a window as one would a conventional heater. However, this is not a good idea for infrared heaters, given that the radiant heat cannot be correctly distributed from there. Therefore, we recommend installation at eye-level on the wall or on the ceiling.


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Questions about the ISTC

What does ISTC mean?

Intelligent Saving Temperature Controller - the thermostat for our SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters. Thanks to our unique system, your desired temperature can be accurately controlled and kept uniform. This allows you to feel a very pleasant room climate. The ISTC is available in two different versions, as ISTC Profi and as ISTC Easy. The ISTC Profi is the thermostat for all cases, it provides you with a range of features for your SUNNYHEAT heating panels. So it is possible to define for example different programs for your personal daily routine or to regularly check the power consumption of your SUNNYHEAT infrared heating. The ISTC Easy is easy to use and characterized by a simple operation.


Where is the best place to position my ISTC?

You can simply hang it on the wall using our pre-installed mounting parts or place it on the table; our radio system makes it possible for you to choose practically any location you like. However, in order to make optimum use of the energy-saving potential of your SUNNYHEAT infrared heater, you should pay attention to the positioning of your ISTC.


Well, your ISTC is your room thermostat, i.e. it measures the room temperature and provides your panel heater with information and instructions for heating the room. If the ISCT is put in a an inappropriate place, e.g. right in front of a drafty window, the thermostat may register the room temperature as being colder than it actually is. This would lead to your panel heater emitting heat although the desired temperature has in fact been reached.

The goal is to avoid unnecessary energy costs, therefore, you should pay attention to a few things when positioning your ISTC:

  • If you hang your ISTC on the wall, please make sure that it is hung on an interior wall if possible, given that in the case of buildings which are not insulated as well as they should be, it may occur that too much cold passes through the exterior wall into the room and the ISTC therefore registers an incorrect room temperature.
  • Please make sure that you do not position your ISTC too close to your panel heater. If it is located in the direct path of the heat, the thermostat can be misled and indicate a higher temperature than the actual temperature in the room is.
  • The above mentioned items also apply if you do not attach your ISTC to a wall. Make sure you choose an underground, which does not falsify the measured values. For instance, if the thermostat is located next to the ventilation of your laptop, which blows too much warm air towards the thermostat, this is also not ideal.

In general, the following applies: In order to facilitate the optimum energy-saving potential of your heating system, place or hang your ISTC in a spot, in which you usually are in the room. The heat you feel is also ideal for your thermostat. This allows it to respond to your feeling for temperature and to regulate the temperature precisely and consistently.

Simply place it on the living room table next to you or attach it next to your bed in your bedroom, on the wall in the hallway or on your desk in the office, to achieve optimum results.


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What does SUNNYHEAT stand for?

SUNNYHEAT represents comforting warmth of the sun and a harmonious room climate. The product line SUNNYHEAT includes a wide range of infrared heaters with matching accessories. CREA SYSTEMS Electronic GmbH in Germany designs and produces these brand products. The unique feature about the infrared heating system SUNNYHEAT is the integrated control technology with intelligent power management. All heaters can heat - the most important is a sophisticated control system that optimally warmed your rooms, but on the other hand knows about efficient energy management. SUNNYHEAT at a glance:

  • Development, conceptual design and manufacturing under one roof
  • Made in Germany
  • Unique control with regulating system
  • Pleasant radiant heat

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