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CREA SYSTEMS and SUNNYHEAT already have some certifications, whether relating to product testing or for order processing. Here we show you the different certifications and their associated icons.


CE marking

The label indicates that this product complies with the requirements in order to distribute it on the European market. Every product that is sold in Europe, has to fulfil the health and safety guidelines of the EU.


ISO 9001

ISO 9001 agrees the certified quality management of a company. Every company that carries this certificate must ensure that the internal processes are subject to a certain quality standard, this includes, for example, the detailed documentation of developments, a flowing order processing or a customer-oriented service management. Every year will the compliance with these standards by an independent institute being rechecked.


Design approved

This symbol means that the design and safety of this product has been tested. The following product tests were performed:

EN 60335-1:2002
+ A11:2004 + A1:2004
+ A12:2006 + A2:2006
+ A13:2008
+ A14:2010
+ A15:2011

EN 62233:2008

AS/NZS 60335.1:2002

AS/NZS 60335-2-30:2007



This symbol means that the compliance of this product has been tested for the Australian market.



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SUNNYHEAT guarantee

We trust us and our products, that's why we give 10 years warranty * on all SUNNYHEAT heating panels!



*On electronic parts and industrial use 2-year ensuring

The test design approved and the approval for Australia we have had both tested at Nemko. Nemko is also a laboratory, such as the TÜV which does product testing and certifications. Nemko is active on the international market, so we opted for a product testing in the laboratories of Nemko.