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The manufacturer and brand owner of SUNNYHEAT is called CREA SYSTEMS.

Since 1994, we develop, conceptualize and produce intelligent control systems for building automations. Building automation includes the lighting, climate, sun protection and safety technology of a building. We manufacture hydraulic controls for lifting platforms and often we are also in demand in the individual development for commercial and industrial customers. So we have already gained in different thematic areas and experiences and we could acquire a versatile know-how. We are a family company, where everything comes from one source - design from hardware and software of our control. We manufacture ourselves, thus we are flexible and can always optimize our products and have on each component at any time influence.

Thanks to our years of experience in building automation, we have decided to make a completely new product line - infrared heaters! Since 2009, we provide the SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters from the panel hardware through to the control system.

As we develop the complete product assortment, a high standard of quality is a particular concern to us. That is why we let us consider 2006 by an independent institute - with success! We are now DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified!

We are growing up with our tasks and products and will be happy at any time for a consultation or simply an exchange of information! Explore our site and to get to know us!



Discover the unique on SUNNYHEAT!

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CREA SYSTEMS stands for...

  • Quality "Made in Germany"
  • Development and production under one roof
  • an in-house software development in microcontroller and application area
  • an in-house hardware development
  • a high degree of flexibility through the in-house development of the product portfolio
  • many years of experience in wholesale and private buildings
  • a pan-European field of activity
  • Product manufacturing with mass production and individual production
  • a CREAtive team
  • high quality in all process steps and materials by ISO 9001 certification


Through our years of experience we know about the potential of an intelligent and effective control, that's why we let patent our control and energy solutions. 

We really appreciate not only the pure research and development. A product has to be produced by high-quality materials and a clean and structured production. Therefore a high standard of quality is important to us. All SUNNYHEAT products are developed and manufactured in Germany in our plants in Triefenstein and Schefflenz.

SUNNYHEAT is more than a designer furniture! Behind SUNNYHEAT lie many years of experience, an intelligent technology and a unique concept!